Why we made Peeksy

We believe that purchasing goods online should be seamless, fun and transparent. Users should have the chance to see and experience the actual product before making a purchase. Yet many product photos you find online are still being manipulated and photoshopped.

We created Peeksy to make online shopping more transparent, by showing you how the product actually looks like. All of our images are sources from past buyers and we only feature products that are covered under the AliExpress Purchase Protection, offer free or inexpensive shipping and come from sellers with a track record of positive feedback

We're a small and nimble team working on making the e-commerce space a bit more fun and transparent. If there's anything on your mind, we'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email at [email protected].

Learn more about AliExpress

More about AliExpress

AliExpress is China’s largest direct buying portal. Trough Aliexpress
you can directly buy from manufactures and cut out the middle man. This will guarantee much cheaper prices than in any store.

AliExpress is owned by the internets largest wholesale dealer – Alibaba. Just to put things in perspective, Alibaba has more sales then Amazon and eBay combined. Because of the close relationship with Alibaba and enormous economies of scale in production, along with the savings in middleman costs, almost all products listed on Aliexpress are much cheaper then what you would pay in a regular store.


All of items that are purchases from AliExpress are shipped from China. In most cases packages are send via Standard Shipping, which takes take between 15 to 45 days. For faster deliver we always recommend to select ePackage as a shipping method. The estimated deliver time is about 7 to 15 days and usually cost between $1- $3 more (based on item).

Buying from manufacturers

Be smart & cut out the middle man. By the time a product arrives at a retail store, a number of costs and price margins have been added. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer cut out all of the middle man. In addition, most products that we list on Peeksy, offer free shipping worldwide. So now, there is truly no reason to buy from stores anymore.

Buying Tips

New to AliExpress and want to learn more about how to buy from China's largest direct buying portal? Then visit our blog for buying tips & reviews.


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